Insurance Authorization

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If your insurance is not accepted, you will need an out of network authorization from your referring physician.

It is your responsibility to contact your insurance carrier regarding your benefits and to ensure that Shields & Shields (not Wills Eye) is in your network.

If you find that we are not in your network, please give the following authorization letter to your referring doctor’s office to obtain an out of network authorization.




All out of state Medicaid insurances must have an out of network authorization AND a single case agreement.


We need all out of network authorizations to be started immediately, as they take a few days to obtain.
All authorizations must be given to our office by 3:00PM on the Thursday before your appointment.

Please call our office immediately with your authorization number and information when obtained.
You may contact Registration at 215-928-3105 or [email protected].
If you come to Shields & Shields without your authorization or referral you will be considered self pay.
We do not accept personal checks.