Carol L. Shields, M.D.


Doctor Carol Lally Shields is the Director of the Ocular Oncology Service at Wills Eye Hospital. She is Professor of Ophthalmology at Thomas Jefferson University and consultant at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Dr. Shields graduated from the University of Notre Dame with highest honors. She attended medical school at the University of Pittsburgh. She is a recipient of the American Academy of Ophthalmology Honor Award and was the first female ophthalmologist in the world to receive the prestigious Donders Medal for excellence in ophthalmology from the Dutch Ophthalmologic Society in 2003.

Dr. Shields maintains a rewarding professional life, managing patients with cancer of the eye. Her special interests include pediatric eye cancer such as retinoblastoma as well as adult eye cancer such as melanoma, conjunctival tumors and orbital tumors.

She has contributed extensively in the field of retinoblastoma with research regarding clinical features of retinoblastoma, treatment of retinoblastoma, and risks for retinoblastoma spread. Dr. Shields has pioneered the use of intravenous chemoreduction, intra-arterial chemotherapy, subtenon’s chemotherapy, and intravitreal chemotherapy. Her work has saved the lives of hundreds of children at-risk for retinoblastoma spread and she continues to seek better ways to preserve the eye for these young patients. She has coauthored a textbook on Retinoblastoma to help patients understand the complexity of this condition and help physicians worldwide to offer modern treatments for patients.

Dr. Shields’ innovative ideas have aided in saving children’s lives and in many cases, maintain vision in an eye that had been afflicted with cancer. She is a proponent of early treatment for intraocular melanoma and has been able to save many eyes with this disease using a custom-designed tiny radiotherapy device to irradiate and resolve the intraocular cancer. Other interests include genetic testing of melanoma and retinoblastoma. Dr. Shields’ extensive knowledge of “cutting edge” ocular technology has propelled the Oncology Service to the forefront of treatment options for patients.

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Carol L. Shields, M.D.


Dr. Carol Shields has contributed over 1500 articles and chapters in the medical literature on eye cancer. She has co-authored 9 textbooks on ocular tumors. Click on the following textbook covers to view her publications on Amazon.

She serves on the editorial board of several ophthalmic journals and has lectured extensively. She was the first woman elected to be President of the International Society of Ocular Oncology.

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