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The first eBook reader specifically for individuals with vision loss.

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The “to find small ocular melanoma” calculator.

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What is Eye Cancer?
Learn more about the various types of eye tumors we see every day.

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The Eye Tumor Research Foundation is dedicated to the research of various types of eye cancer. With your help, they can not only save someone else's life but develop even better treatment options for you!

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Tips & Advice For Vision Loss

Pratical tips and encouraging advice for living well with vision life.

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Eye Cancer Heroes is a centralized location for news articles, photographs, and videos featuring the patients of the Oncology Service at Wills Eye Hospital located in Philadelphia, PA. We provide our patients who are battling cancer with hope, give them the courage to continue the fight, inspire them, bring peace, provide insight, and remind them that they are not the only ones fighting for life and sight. Let our stories help you. Sharing your story could help another in their fight.

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Bridge to Survivorship

5 Quick Facts on Ocular Melanoma

From Wills Eye Hospital’s Ocular Oncology Department — the leading eye cancer center in the United States   Ocular melanoma most often occurs in Caucasian people in the prime of their lives (30-60 years old) Melanoma can occur in the eye causing vision loss and blindness or it can be silent with no symptoms What […]

Ocular Melanoma Cluster

Dr. Carol Shields shares her professional insight on the Ocular Melanoma Clusters happening in Auburn. “We first heard of a potential ‘cancer cluster’ several years ago in North Carolina, but the state and CDC studied the situation and concluded that this was not likely a cluster. Several of the patients were treated by our team […]

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